Audio Tracking

Double Clicking on one of the networks will pop up a window that shows specific test results for a selected network, at particular intervals. This window also has a device location feature called “Audio Tracking.” When turned on, an audible beep will emit from the user’s machine in relation to the signal strength of a network device (router or access point). While moving the user’s machine (such as a laptop) around, the beep will become faster or slower depending on the strength of the signal. The faster the beep, the closer the machine is to the actual network device.

This feature is used to find rogue agents that might be hidden, for example, in walls or ceilings.

Audio Tracking

Exports and Results

Exporting the scan results allows the user to send this information to administrators that need this information for troubleshooting network problems. Exports and reports come in CSV, HTML, and HTML with graphs formats.

Exporting Results

Export and Report Examples

Report with graphs

Export CSV

Here is an example of a CSV file that is opened in MS Excel. It pulls all of the information found in the Information Chart and applies it to a spread sheet.